Music created especially for weddings by Grammy & Emmy-winning writers & producers.

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Wedding CDs

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  1. CD1 - Set Your Wedding to Music

    The Definitive Wedding Music CD...

    Let these 18 beautiful arrangements of classical wedding ceremony music favorites and romantic wedding songs set your wedding apart... from Prelude to Last Dance and special moments in between.
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  2. CD2 - For Your Wedding Ceremony

    Yes, there's something new under the sun when it's comes to classical wedding music. Listen to these 15 new contemporary versions of timeless classical wedding music favorites.

    You can download the album & individual titles here, Learn More

  3. CD3 - Yours, Mine & Ours

    Songs for Special Relationships

    Music speaks louder than words when it comes to saying what's in your heart. "YOURS, MINE & OURS" is a special collection of songs that express the unity of family, love and appreciation for Mothers Learn More

  4. CD4 - "John Madatian"

    Piano Wedding Music ...Always in style

    There's an ideal 'marriage' between wedding music and the piano. Piano wedding music is perfect for special wedding highlights, from the Prelude to the Interlude. For receptions, it's a wel Learn More

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4 Item(s)