Music created especially for weddings by Grammy & Emmy-winning writers & producers.

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Birthday Songs

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  1. Every Mother's Dream (Birthday)

    FROM A MOTHER TO HER DAUGHTER -A rare mother daughter song that captures what every mother would like her daughter to know. Perfect for birthday or graduation celbrations, this heartfelt mother daughter song is a great way to let your daughte Learn More

  2. Friends Are Quiet Angels (Special Day)

    One of the most moving Friendship Poems has been set to music in "FRIENDS ARE QUIET ANGELS (The Friendship Song)"

    The Friendship Song is a great personal tribute to friendship, and a wonderful way to let your friends know they have a Learn More

  3. It Happens In A Heartbeat (Birthday)

    From a Mother to her Son

    Wasn't it only yesterday when he was that little guy in first grade? "IT HAPPENS IN A HEARTBEAT", written for a special mother son moment, captures it all. From Award-winning hit writers.

    Learn More
  4. To Be A Woman - Birthday

    From A Daughter To Her Mother

    At last, there's a Mother Daughter song-tribute that's a perfect gift for Mom.  Written especially for mothers,  'TO BE A WOMAN" is a beautiful tribute and a perfect way to honor Mom on he Learn More

  5. You're My Hero - Birthday

    From a Daughter to Her Father - Birthday Edition

    A FREE Learn More

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