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I didn't receive a confirmation notice in my e mail. What should I do?
Check your spam folder. Some Internet Providers ( Earthlink and AOL in particular) have spam filters to block e mails from unauthorized / unfamiliar URLs. If no success there, please call us at (818) 783-8485.

Oops! I closed my confirmation page... how can I get to my download order?
To access your download products once you've left our site or closed the confirmation page, you can sign in to your account via the "My Account" link in the upper-right section of Click the link to access your purchased downloads.

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Time Restrictions

I'm not on high-speed internet. How long does it take to download one song on a dial-up connection?
It can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to download one song to your computer on dial-up modems, depending on your connection speed.

I don't have time to download my music just now. How long will the links be good for?
Downloads can be accessed for 7 days from the time of purchase. This restriction is to protect copyrights. However, unlike many other download websites our MP3s are not protected and allow you to use them in slideshows, videos, and burn them to CDs that are playable on any machine. Because all our classical arrangements and our special wedding songs are original, we are able to eliminate DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions found on other sites.

I've already downloaded my MP3s, but I don't have time to burn them to a CD right now. How much time do I have?
Once your MP3s are in your computer, you can burn them to CD anytime without restriction.

I didn't have a chance to download the song I bought over a week ago. Can I still get to the download file?
Please contact customer support with your name and order number and we will assist you.

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My computer shut down in the middle of my download. What do I do now?
Log in to your account by clicking the link in the upper right hand side of our site and click click the link to access your purchased downloads in the "My Account" area.

I burned a CD and it's not playing on my home stereo system. What should I do?
There are a lot of older players out there that cannot read CDs burned at higher speeds. Try burning the CD at a lower write speed. Did you use a CD-R or a CD-RW disc? Many CD players are absolutely unable to play a CD-RW disc, while many are able to play CD-R discs. Also be sure you burn your CD as an AUDIO CD and not a Data CD. There is also the possibility that you might have burned a faulty disc.

I think I paid twice for the same order. When I check my credit card account, your company (MusiConcepts) shows up two times. What should I do?
Most credit cards will set aside the amount of a pending charge for its records even when the charge is denied (which usually occurs because of a discrepancy in the expiration date, billing address, or, in some cases, the amount actually available if it's a debit card). This often looks like it's charged when viewed on line, but this is simply an authorization amount and it will actually be removed after a couple of business days (though it may take longer depending on your bank). Unless you receive a bill with two charges stated on the bill, these 'charges' are not actually paid out of your account.

When you receive your credit card bill, and you see that two charges for the same amount and date have been charged to your account for Musiconcepts, please email us at or call (877)600-1123 (toll free in the U.S.) or +1 818 783 8485 (International calls). We will happily make sure that your card is credited for the correct amount. If you'd rather not wait for your printed bill to arrive, we'll be glad to check on our end to make sure that there are no approved charge duplications (although not all credit card companies will give us this information directly).

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How do I burn a CD in iTunes?

      To burn the song onto a disc in iTunes, first insert a blank CD-R disc. Then, create a new playlist by clicking

File --- New Playlist

      . Find the song in your Music library and right-click on the file and choose to "Add song to playlist." When you are done adding the song(s) to your playlist and are ready to burn, either select the option to "Burn Disc," which will be a button found at the bottom-right corner of iTunes or click on

File --- Burn Playlist to Disc

      . Make sure you select to burn to an "Audio" CD. Once your CD has finished burning, select

File --- Eject Disc


How do I burn a CD in Windows Media Player?

      To burn the song onto a disc in Windows Media Player, first insert a blank CD-R disc. Then, create a new playlist by clicking

File --- Create Playlist

      . Find the song in your Music library and right-click on the file and choose to

"Add to Playlist."

      When you are done adding the song(s) to your playlist and are ready to burn, select the option at the top to "


      ," and drag the song(s) to create a "burn list" which will be located on the right side and click the "

Start Burn

      " button on the bottom. Your CD should start to burn and make sure that you are burning to an Audio CD.